About Lumenico

Lumenico was originally founded by Michael Atkinson in 2007 and has been enjoying a long and steady growth over the past few years. Lumenico has two high quality and visually exciting product concepts for everyone to enjoy.

The Aloka SleepyLights and Premier Lights have since been developed into strong brands and are  manufactured by Lumenico Ltd (UK). Lumenico has had many years previous experience with its highly successful range of SleepyLights (night lights).

More recently Premier Lights have taken this exciting concept much further by introducing sounds and lighting sequences to animate the likes of club anthems, chants and commentary in an engaging and entertaining way for the Premier Lights range of products.

Premier Lights suit a wide and varied range of Sports and Entertainment markets, since they can have any reasonable upright profile and printing and play any sounds along with timed lighting sequences combined with many colour variants, giving a great ‘Light-n-Sound’ experience.